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This site contains a lot of stuff that might be useful for other people. As I profitted a lot from Open Source software, I decided to put this stuff on my website. Feel free to contact me in case of questions, comments, suggestions for improvements ...


2012-07-27: Updated texpic2epspdf.sh to version 0.2.2-alpha

This new version includes a bugfix for the removal of the extension of the input file name when passing it to the LaTeX macro. Goto combinedgraphics page.

2012-07-16: Updated combinedgraphics to version 0.2.2

New parameters (vecheight/vecwidth) allow to scale combined (EPS or PDF)/LaTeX graphics to a certain width or height without affecting the font. This is useful, e.g., when publishing such graphics in a journal that requests a certain width. Furthermore, texpic2epspdf.sh is improved and generates graphics with the precise width/height of the graphics now. Goto combinedgraphics page.

2012-07-16: Updated Multimedia From Scratch to version 0.2.0

With this update MFS can build ffmpeg 0.11.1 with most recent libraries. Goto Multimedia From Scratch page.

2012-03-19: Updated mpfr::real to version 0.0.9-alpha

This update contains several bugfixes and further improvements (see file ChangeLog in the package for details). Except for functions which do not have any mpfr::real arguments there are no changes in the interface. Users are advised to upgrade to this new version. Goto mpfr::real page.

2012-03-19: Updated TFS to version 3.8.0

With this update TFS can build a toolchain with the current versions of the tools, specificially GCC version 4.6.1. Goto TFS page.

2011-09-26: Added update for mpfr::real

This update fixes some bugs in the copy constructors and assignment operators for reals of other precision. It also adds a (temporary) workaround for the use with Microsoft Visual C++. Thanks to Brian Gladman for help with the latter. Goto mpfr::real page.

2011-09-05: Added C++ wrapper for MPFR library

The first version of mpfr::real, a high-level C++ wrapper for the GNU MPFR library, has been released. Read more.

2011-06-14: Major update

Several new pages have been added concerning LaTeX and Linux, others have been updated, and the website has a new design!