HOWTO setup a small server



The following notes are written for Debian “Lenny” 5.0 and depend on a minimal installation with static network configuration. The following values must be substituted according to your setup:

the hostname of the server
the domainname of the server
the Kerberos REALM (domainname of the server in capital letters)
the IP address of the server
the netmask of the network

Parts of configuration files that must be modified according to your setup (e.g., the above items) are colored like that: foobar.

Contents of configuration files or program code are presented as listing:


verbose excerpt of config file or program code

Shell commands are formated this way, where a leading “#” stands for a root shell and “$” a user shell:

# echo "Hello, world!"
$ echo "Hello, world!"

Some extremely useful tools not included in the minimal installation are less, rcconf, screen, file, and locate. Install them with:

# apt-get install less rcconf screen file locate

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