Toolchain From Scratch


“Toolchain From Scratch” (TFS) is a set of Makefiles and patches to build a toolchain, further programs and libraries from scratch. The compilers support the C and C++ programming languages. The build procedure is based on the build of the temporary system in “Linux From Scratch” (LFS). TFS aims at a standalone toolchain that is independent from the build system on which it was built and that can coexist with the toolchain(s) on the build system. TFS is intended to teach how to build a toolchain and to provide most recent compilers and libraries for testing purposes.


Refer to the “README” file in the source package for details and important warnings.

TFS is not intended to be used for or on production systems. TFS itself and toolchains built with TFS can contain serious bugs and security holes. The author of TFS will not provide any patches for bugs or security holes found in the programs of the toolchain. The user is responsible for that on his own.


TFS can be downloaded from here:

It is published under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 (see