My LaTeX Packages


On this page you can find some of my LaTeX packages. Most of these packages are published on the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN) and your TeX/LaTeX system (such as MiKTeX or TeX Live) should provide options to conveniently install them for you.

If your TeX/LaTeX distribution does not come with these packages or you need a newer version, you can install them manually from the sources below. Detailed information on their license, installation and usage can be found in the README file contained in the packages.


ionumbers stands for “input/output numbers”.

This package restyles numbers in math mode. If a number in the input file is written, e.g., as $3,231.44$ as commonly used in English texts, this package is able to restyle it to be output as $3\,231{,}44$ as commonly used in German texts (and vice versa). This may be very useful, if you have a large table and want to include it in texts with different output conventions without the need of changing the table.

Furthermore this package can automatically group digits left to the decimal separator (thousands) and right to the decimal separator (thousandths) in triplets without the need of specifing commas (English) or points (German) as separators. E.g., the input $1234.567890$ can be output as $1\,234.\,567\,890$. By default, thousands/thousandths are grouped in triplets, but the grouping length is configurable, which is useful for numerical data.

Finally, an e starts the exponent of the number. For example, $21e6$may be output as $26\times10\,^{6}$.

See ionumbers.pdf included in the package for detailed information on usage.

This package provides a macro (\includecombinedgraphics) for the inclusion of combined EPS/LaTeX and PDF/LaTeX graphics (an export format of Gnuplot, Xfig, and maybe other programs). Instead of including the graphics with a simple \input, the \includecombinedgraphics macro has some comforts:

  • changing the font and color of the text of the LaTeX part
  • rescaling the graphics without affecting the font of the LaTeX part
  • automatic inclusion of the vector graphics part, as far as LaTeX part does not do it (e.g., for files exported from Gnuplot before version 4.2)
  • changing the inclusion order of LaTeX and vector graphics parts (e.g., Gnuplot 4.4 exports files in a way that the vector graphics part overlays the LaTeX part, which means that text may be hidden under shaded areas)
  • rescaling and rotating of complete graphics (similar to \includegraphics from graphicx package)
  • scaling the vector graphics part (without affecting the font) to a defined width or height of the graphics, which might, e.g., be of importance for graphics that are intended for publication in a journal requesting a certain size of graphics

A test PDF file with extensively commented examples is shipped with this package.

A BASH script ( to convert combined EPS/LaTeX and PDF/LaTeX graphics to EPS or PDF files with text part included can be downloaded below. Run --help for information on usage.

See combinedgraphics.pdf included in the package for detailed information on usage.

This package provides the environment fullminipage, which generates a minipage spanning a new, complete page with page style empty. The environment provides options to set margins around the minipage and configure the background.

See fullminipage.pdf included in the package for detailed information on usage.